Our particular favourite designer is the new Dazzler, Emma Calvert, whose sculptural forms are created from weaving together precious metals with textiles to create dramatic and unique results.
— Culture Whisper


The anticipation of escape - from waking in a sun-drenched room to discovering new favourite things - epitomises the spirit of Emma Calvert’s eponymous jewellery range. Exploring the creative possibilities with vibrant textiles, Emma creates pieces that embody her love for colour and unexpected material combinations.

‘I love the fun in the familiar as much as seeking out new experiences. My favourite places inspire the bold, bright textile colours in my jewellery - transforming them into stand-out necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings – it’s like distilling the essence of a favourite holiday.’

As well as her signature collections, Emma can create bespoke wearable statements inspired by the colours and graphic shapes of your own favourite place. Every piece of jewellery is carefully handmade and constructed in her London studio within the creative hub of Cockpit Arts.

Capture the vibrancy of a moment in time and wear it with you.


NAJ IJL Kickstart 2016
Cockpit Arts Clothworkers’ Foundation Award 2015
Cockpit Arts Clothworkers’ Foundation Award 2014
Best Newcomer MADE London 2013
Crafts Council Hothouse 2013

Wearable art: where craft meets fashion
— TheGuardian.com