Encapsulating a moment in time

Memories, recollections and keepsakes define Emma Calvert’s latest collection Momento, where moments are distilled into colours and graphic shapes to connect the wearer to a place.  Combining Emma’s signature textiles elements with precious metal and industrial jesmonite, the bold architectural lines hi-light her precise use of colour and shape.

A concept born from a trip to Italy, Momento draws inspiration from two cities – Bologna and London.   By using colours derived from specific photographs of specific locations in each city, Momento allows us to share in that instant.

Each distinctive colour palette has been carefully chosen to fully evoke the sense of place.  BOLOGNA: climbing the tower; a view of deep orange and red rooftops against a clear sky.  LONDON: walking over Greenwich park with Canary Wharf reflections in the distance, the joy of both space and the city on a cloudy day.